Fretting and fuming I entered the room,

Not again…Gosh what should Ido?

Ever since this whole thing began,

I have been doomed.

The very sight of her,boils my blood.

Standing in the corner,leaning on the wall,

Tell me how should a wife feel,

When her husband admires,

someone elses’curves.


Holidays are a nightmare,

as he’s up at five,

and gone to greener pastures,

Leaving me behind,

with no one to share,

my cup of morning tea.

Oh!-She’s my agony.


Lucky are those wives,

whose husbands they take,

for a stroll by the lake,

or a walk in the garden.

And those who don’t…never earn a pardon.


Whereever I go with my hubby,

shopping or movie..

she haunts me,

I pray and I wish ,

when his mobile rings,

Hope it’s not some friend calling,

to set up a meeting.


His friends are the culprit

it was they who introduced.

My husband was seduced ,

he fell to her charms,

and fled from my arms.


Child’s problems seem a trifle,

family problems he no cares,

Her addiction is proving hazardous,

as I can’t take it anymore.

So I decided  to pen down my miseries,

and bring to light,

other wives ande their plight,

who suffer the same Pangs.