Faliure is the pillar of success…they say.

These words seemed a farce,

for  I was in a trance ,

at that  moment when  I realised…

…I had failed.

1.The effort caused me pain,

was it all in vain?

My dreams of achieving,remained the same

….simply dreams.

2.Losing faith in myself,

My confidence all shaken,

My beliefs  shattered.

Where did I go wrong?

Why did it happen

…this way.

3.Tears rolled in my eyes,

I felt a lump in my throat,

Never will I dream big.

To chase my dreams

…was it a mistake?

4.However shall I face the world tomorrow,

the thought of losing

engulfed me in despair .

A heaviness in my heart

sadness on my face

…I sat.

5. When suddenly a flash crossed my mind

I picked up the pen and began to write.

Writhing in pain,

words poured like rain.

Within minutes I had created,

…verses of strain.

6. These words flushed in me

a new vigour so to say.

Maybe there was a mistake,

and I ought to set it right.

How can I get waylaid,

I got to be at it,

…one more time.

7. I shall not let it creep here.

So steer clear of my way,

I am not going to be weighed down

by failure


Failure is the pillar of success

Whoever  said it

…was just right.